Captain Anatida


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Captain Anatida was a dedicated member of the Otolla Gungana army of militiagungs.  Serving under General Neano, Anatida was in charge of the Wide Patrols, leading a platoon of Gungan soldiers deep into the swamps of Naboo for training exercises and security patrols.  It was during a Wide Patrol that Anatida came acroos the crippled Red Planet and its crew, Ayo Verna and Yarua.  Thinking that the crew were Naboo, Anatida took them prisoner and escorted them to Otolla City where they were brought before Boss Gnule.  Ayo befriended the Gungans, and they granted him and Yarua aid in reaching Fort Myreion.
Anatida and his patrol were tragically killed protecting the Red Planet from attack by MHG guardtroopers.

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