Lordan, Sarolyn


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Sarolyn Lordan
Young, beautiful and gifted, Sarolyn Lordan is strong with the Force


The twenty-year-old Sarolyn Lordan has followed a responsible and conscientious path as the Padawan Apprentice to Jedi Master Bil-Kit Jinn.
Born on Alderaan to affluent and artistic parents, Sarolyn is compassionate, gentle and sensitive to the Living Force.  She is tall and graceful, with dark, wavy hair, pale skin and soft, doe eyes, and she speaks with an accent almost identical to that of Obi-Wan Kenobi.
Bil-Kit Jinn took Sarolyn as his Padawan upon her thirteenth birthday, and through those seven short years, she has grown from a girl into a powerful Jedi. At the age of fourteen, she constructed her first lightsabre, a brass handled, blue-bladed weapon, which, despite her kind, gentle nature, she continues to wield with deadly skill.

Sarolyn Lordan
Sarolyn uses the Force to repel her attackers

Sarolyn Lordan
Sarolyn in battle stance as she practises her lightsabre technique

Sarolyn Lordan and Bil-Kit Jinn
Sarolyn and Bil-Kit are cornered

The Jedi Council are aware of Sarolyn's abilities, despite their reservations about her weakness for emotion.  They have something special planned for her...

Sarolyn Lordan before the Council
An apprehensive Sarolyn stands before the Jedi Council as Master Paq Derma looks on

Sarolyn will continue to serve the Republic in Volume II alongside the Da-Bodas. 

Sarolyn Lordan
Sarolyn in a sombre mood in Dark Republic Volume II

Sarolyn Lordan
Sarolyn struggles against a deadly foe in Volume II