Crouze, General


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General Crouze

General Crouze is the Commanding Officer of the unit of guardtroopers stationed at Fort Myreion on Naboo.  Born on Dowbekin, Crouze joined the Dowbekino Civic Guard shortly after leaving school, remaining with the force after it was privatised and taken over by MHG.  As the MHG Shocktrooper armour replaced the traditional Civic Guard uniform, Crouze rose through the ranks until he was given the opportunity to join Lord Mandalore's elite guardtrooper regiment, protecting His Lordship's residences.  He was eventually transferred to Naboo, where he assumed command following the dismissal of the previous General.
As Commanding Officer at Fort Myreion, Crouze is responsible for security both within the House and out in the Estate.  He oversaw the installation of a microcamera matrix throughout the network of corridors within Fort Myreion, and his troops are on constant alert.  Crouze is somewhat sadistic, and he has been known to torture intruders and servants suspected of theft and other breahes of House Rules.

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