Da-Boda, Vima


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Young Vima

Vima Da-Boda is a direct descendent of the legendary Jedi Nomi Sunrider, who lived almost four thousand years prior to the events of Dark Republic.  Like most Jedi, Vima was brought to the Jedi Temple as a baby and raised as a Youngling in one of the Clans.  At the age of twelve, Vima was taken on by Jedi Master Bil-Kit Jinn as his first Padawan Learner, and she proved to be more than capable.  At the age of eighteen, Vima passed the Trials with flying colours and was thus granted the rank of Jedi Knight.
During her youth, Vima displayed a talent for espionage, and consequently she was sent out long spy missions out in the Hutt Empire.  On Nar Shaddaa, she infiltrated the harem of a local crime baron where she became pregnant and gave birth to a daughter, Neema, who was just as strong with the Force as she.  Unfortunately, is was not until Neema was twelve years of age that Vima was able to bring her before the Jedi Council for testing, and Neema was deemed to old for training.  Undeterred, Vima decided to train her daughter in secret, knowing full well that her actions were strictly forbidden.  Vima did not care, for Neema was a Sunrider, and in her view, was destined to follow in her mother's footsteps. 
Neema left her mother to train as a lawyer on Naboo, and Vima continued to train her.  Years passed and Bil-Kit's latest Padawan, Sarolyn Lordan was due to face the Trials.  Vima was close to Sarolyn, who saw her as an aunt figure.  Tragically, Bil-Kit was killed at the hands of Japhta Fett on Sorensia, leaving Sarolyn to face the Trials alone.  Vima could not let that happen.  Learning that Sarolyn was to travel to Naboo to spy on Mandalore, Vima instructed Neema to infiltrate Fort Myreion and monitor Sarolyn, helping her where necessary.  Sarolyn and Neema managed to expose and destroy Mandalore's Black Rot project and Vima was finally granted permission to train her daughter.
In the years that followed, Neema grew tired of her mother's slow style of teaching, and attempted to train herself.  Neema became seduced by the Dark Side of the Force and was utterly consumed by it as she became involved with an Ottethan Warlord.  The warlord became tired of Neema and cast her out into the rancor-filled forests of his homeworld.  Vima heard Neema's telepathic plea for help, and set out at once to find her.  Vima arrived too late to save her daughter and sliced the warlord in half with her lightsabre.  She succumbed to the Dark Side of the Force and lost her ability to sense and use the Force.  Thus, she escaped the Jedi Purge in the aftermath of the Clone Wars fifty years later.

The Classic Vima

Vima went into hiding, but it was not long before she got herself into trouble.  Captured by the Empire, she was sent to the spice mines of Kessel where she discovered Kyp Durron.  She taught Kyp what she could of the Force before she was taken away.
Years later, following the Battle of Endor and the fall of the Empire one hundred years ofter the events of Dark Republic, Vima was discovered by Han Solo and Princess Leia on Nar Shaddaa where she was living rough as a vagrant.  There, Vima gave Leia her 10,000-year-old lightsabre that was found around 800 years previously on Ossus.  Han and Leia returned to Nar Shaddaa to bring Vima back to Coruscant following the death of the reborn Emperor Palpatine on Byss.  Vima helped Leia learn about the ways of the Jedi, just in time to help Leia protect her newborn son, Anakin, from the reborn Emperor.  Following the death of the Emperor and Empatojayous Brand, Vima accompanied Leia back to Onderon, but during the vicory celebration she disappeared.  Vima's present whereabouts are unknown, if she is still alive.