Da-Boda, Neema


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Vima Da-Boda's daughter, Neema was born on Nar Shaddaa during a long spy mission out in the Hutt Empire.  It was not until she was twelve years of age that Vima finally managed to bring her before the Jedi Council for testing.  The Council deemed Neema too old for training, so she left her mother at the age of eighteen to read Law at the Royal House of Learning on Naboo.  Here, she met her boyfriend, a native of Naboo called Barucho, and they set up practice together as solicitors.  During this time, Vima used to visit her, illicitly training her at a Jedi against the wishes of the Council. 
Following the successful defeat of Mandalore and his Black Rot bioweapon, Neema was finally allowed to be Vima's Padawan.  She had grown close to Sarolyn Lordan and they were best friends.  In the years that followed, Vima tried to train Neema to the best of her ability under the supervision of the Council, but Neema was impatient.  With a greed for knowledge that could not be satisfied by her mothers slow tuition, Neema experimented on her own, unwittingly delving into the Dark Side of the Force.   Thus, Neema's descent into the Dark Side was complete, far beyond Vima ability.  Neema became angry at Vima's perseverance and turned against the Jedi.  She fled the Order and became the mistress of an Ottethan Warlord, but the warlord tired of her and cast her out.  Neema used all of her Dark Side power to strike him down, but eh warlord was too powerful, even for her.  The warlord imprisoned Neema, where she eventually repented her ways and tried to telepathically contact her mother in an attemot to regain her freedom.  Vima heard but was too late, for the warlord had set her loose in the forests of his homeworld, where she was killed by the native rancors.