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Jedi Master Dessk is one of the senior members of the Jedi Council alongside Yoda and Parlio Venstromence.  A reptilian Trandoshan, Dessk has long-since shunned his species' warlike traditions, preferring a diplomatic solution to any crisis.  However, Dessk is capable of dramatic action, as seen when he led a Jedi taskforce into battle against Mandalore's shocktroopers on Despayre.
At 81 years of age, Dessk is old for a Trandoshan.  In his early years, he rescued a baby albino Wookiee called Chastacyrrhi who had been orphaned by slavers.  He adopted Chastacyrrhi as his own son, training him as his Padawan.  Now a full Jedi Knight, Chastacyrrhi is never far from Dessk's side and the pair of them have been nicknamed "the Double Act".