Jinn, Bil-Kit


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Bil-Kit Jinn
Bil-Kit Jinn, venerable Jedi Master

The great-great uncle of Qui-Gon Jinn, Bil-Kit is one of the most respected Jedi Masters in the Order, having repeatedly turned down a seat on the Council in order to serve the galaxy "from the floor".  Over ninety years of age, he is tall and distinguished, with wispy, white hair, a kindly face and watery, blue eyes.
An expert technician, Bil-Kit-Jinn was trained by Yoda as his Padawan Apprentice, where he demonstrated a keen aptitude for precision mechanics and engineering.  Upon his Knighthood, he was sent to the newly-discovered planet of Tatooine to assist the scientists based at a geological research institute there.  After his return to the Temple, Bil-Kit took on Vima-Da-Boda as his Padawan, earning the rank of Master upon her successful graduation.
During his lifetime, Bil-Kit Jinn never strayed far from the Temple, where he worked as the Chief  Conservator for the Jedi Archives.  He hae a deep interest in ancient science, and the shelves of his apartment are stacked high with archaic scientific instruments and mechanical timepieces, many of which are working replicas he had built himself.
Despite his old age and increasing frailness, Bil-Kit took on a second Padawan,  Sarolyn Lordan, and they shared many adventures as they explored the Force together.  Bil-Kit is proud of Sarolyn and confident that she will succeed, perhaps becoming a Master herself.
Bil-Kit was killed by Japhta Fett on Sorensia.  He gave his life so that Sarolyn could escape and fulfil her destiny.

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