Star Wars: Dark Republic


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Neema-Da-Boda: Her impatience will be her undoing.

Jedi's Daughter
The Daughter of Vima-Da-Boda, Neema was born on Nar Shaddaa almost thirty years before the events of Volume I.  Strong with the Force, it was not until Neema was twelve years of age that Vima was able to bring her before the Jedi Council for testing.  The Council deemed Neema to be too old and refused her a place amongst the younglings.  Deeply disappointed at the Council's decision, Vima trained Neema in secret.
Neema left her mother at the age of eighteen to study law at the Royal House of Learning on Naboo.  Here, she met her boyfriend, Barucho, and they set up practice together in Theed following their graduation.  Vima continued to visit Neema during this time where she continued to train her as a Jedi, little knowing that her reckless action would ultimately spell the downfall of both of them...



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