Star Wars: Dark Republic
Japhta Fett


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Fallen Jedi

Twenty years of age, Japhta Fett is one of the most respected - and feared- women in the Republic.  The personal troubleshooter to Lord Koraetor Mandalore, Japhta is trusted with keeping even the most far-flung outposts of the MHG corporate empire in order, resolving any problems in her own inimitable way.
To the general public, Japhta is a galactic megastar, Mandalore's glamorous girlfriend and the trend-setter in galactic fashion.  She wears the ultimate in designer clothes and is always seen at the most exclusive Coruscant nightspots.  A day seldom passes without mention of Japhta Fett in the media.

Japhta Fett is a fierce opponent in battle.

Double Life
Despite her high-profile hypersetting lifestyle, Japhta Fett keeps her private life a closely-guarded secret.  In reality, Japhta is more than the mere girlfriend of Lord Mandalore, she is the Hand of the Sith, a servant of the mysterious lord Darth Rakshas and an extension of his own evil will.  Darth Rakshas is the true power behind MHG.
Japhta Fett was born on an unidentified planet in the Outer Rim and taken to the Jedi Temple at the age of two.  A Jedi youngling, she was trained by Master Yoda in Bear Clan, where she studied alongside the young Sarolyn Lordan.  Japhta took an immediate hatred to Sarolyn and bullied her from the moment she could talk.  Japhta's temper caused Yoda much concern, and despite his repeated attempts to teach it out of her, she remained a thorn in the sides of Bear Clan.  At the age of thirteen, Japhta failed to be chosen as a Padawan and she was expelled from the Order.  The Jedi forgot about her
Following her explusion, Japhta drifted amongst the underworld of Coruscant, where she earned a few skillin as a underage prostitute.  This dangerous and illegal activity soon rendered her pregnant and she gave birth to a boy.
Salvation for Japhta came in the form of a young, handsome and charismatic man who introduced himself as Darth Rakshas.  Much to the young Japhta's amazement, he killed the pimps and perverts around her with a mere wave of his hand, before leading her to safety.  Rakshas knew about Japhta, sensing the girl's ability in the Force.  A Dark Lord of the Sith, Rakshas honed Japhta's abilities, nurturing and cultivating the bitterness and hatred within her and training her as the Hand of the Sith. 
Darth Rakshas was the last of the Sith, and he needed a suitable candidate to continue the legacy of his ancient and secret Order.  Japhta Fett was perfect.