Star Wars: Dark Republic


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Jedi Master 


The Trandoshan Master Dessk has long since shunned the warlike traditions of his species.  Taken to the Jedi Temple as a hatchling, Dessk was trained by an unknown Master for ten years before earning his place amongst the ranks of the Jedi Knights.
Dessk is loyal and compassionate, and would like nothing more than to see an end to the age-long feud between his people and the neighbouring  Kashyyyk Wookiees.  Fifty years ago, Dessk adopted an orphaned albino Wookiee named Chastacyrrhi, bringing him back to the Temple and training his as his Padawan.  Chastacyrrhi is now a powerful Jedi, devoted to his former Master and almost constantly at his side.  Within the Order, Dessk and Chasta are known as the Double Act.
Senior Council Member
Dessk was elected to the Jedi Council as recognition for his courage and diplomacy in acts of peacekeeping, and he shares one of the three senior positions alongside Yoda and Parlio Venstromence.  Dessk plays an influential part in shaping the destiny of young Sarolyn Lordan on the eve of the Trial.