Star Wars: Dark Republic


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Industrial Planet


The world of Sorensia lies in the Expansion Region of the galaxy, close to the boundary between the Republic anf the Hutt Empire.
Inhabited by human and Wookiee settlers, Sorensia is a cold planet with vast, sprawling cities offset with harsh wilderness.  The frozen polar regions are uninhabitable.

Sheofe, capital of Sorensia
Industrial sprawls belch smoke and soot into the leaden sky over Sheofe.

Tenant World
Sorensia is well-known for its industry.  Factories, mines and durasteelworks litter the urban areas they belch plumes of soot into the almost permanently overcast sky.  The inhabited equatorial latitudes of Sorensia are wet in climate, and the soot from the industrial sprawls have blackened the buildings of Sheofe, the planet's capital city.
The settlers of Sorensia are hard-working and friendly.  They are often somewhat blunt in conversation and they seldom suffer fools gladly.  Sorensian humans speak in an accent that uses speech patterns left over from Old Basic, the original language of the foundling Republic, and is regarded by linguists as one of the purest forms of this ancient language.  Sorensian Wookiees also have their own version of Shyriiwook which occasionally causes confusion with their Kashyyyk counterparts.
Almost all of Sorensia's assets are owned by MHG, including the planet's defence forces and police, privatised by the Senate some years ago.  MHG Shocktroopers are steadily taking the place of the traditional policeman of the Sorensian Co-Operative Constabulary, resulting in an increase in the "zero tolerance" approach to law-enforcement.
Known as the Red Planet, Sorensia is a hotbed for radical socialist politics, a trend that has become much more fervent since the take-over by Mandalore.  Senator Thraurrallgisc is one of the few remaining left-wing Pandemo Senators still in office following the landslide election of Chancellor Rhoufheigh's Commonwealth party, and his influence has dwindled to almost nothing.  The people want Mandalore's forces off their world, and they are not prepared to wait. 

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