Star Wars: Dark Republic
The Millennium Falcon


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Gold-plated space yacht

The Millennium Falcon on Despayre
The luxury Millennium Falcon - the future "bucket of bolts".

Built for the exclusive use of Lady Japhta Fett, the brand-new Millennium Falcon is one of a trio of prototype Corellian YT1300 executive transports.  The two other, identical, prototypes are the Liberty Falcon and Trinity Falcon, which are used to convey Japhta's guardtrooper escort and support staff.
The Mill, as it is known, is powered by twin engines mounted in a J-type configuration and the cockpit is dorsally mounted.  Cooling vanes extend aft of the engines, and these, coupled with the long forward mandibles, give the ship a beetle-like appearance.  The hull plating is pure gold, hand-polished to a 100% refectivity standard.  Japhta Fett ordered the use of gold for her personal fleet to demonstrate her vast wealth, far superior to the King of Naboo whose Royal Starship was plated with cheap chrome.  Japhta Fett is a girl of style, a girl of class, a girl who can afford anything she could ever want.  The three Falcons illustrate this perfectly.
The Millennium Falcon is not a fast ship.  Its top velocity beyond light speed is only half that of the F-wing starfighter.  The Falcons are designed for a flight crew of six, but Japhta's technicians have reconfigured the Mill so that it can be flown by one person with droid assistance.  Japhta Fett employs a Republic Mechanicals Ltd (RML) 380Z securitech droid as a co-pilot, engineer and on-board security guard. 
The Falcons are armed with twin forward-mounted laser cannons plus a turbolaser operated from a dome above the cockpit section.  The laser, gunners seat and dome swivel as one unit, much in the manner of an eyeball, and is deadly accurate in properly trained hands.  Deflector shielding is more than adequate.
The cockpit is connected to the main body of the ship via a central ladder-well.  The main section contains Japhta's quarters, galley and droid holding chamber.  Japhta's quarters are of the utmost luxury, with wall panelling made from exotic Ithorian timbers inlaid with intricate marquetry.  The sister ships are somewhat more spartan in their interior decor.
The Falcons have their own special hangar complex at Fort Myreion Estate on Naboo.  This is shared by the escort fleet of F-Wings that accompany Japhta during her travels.  The Hangar is situated at the end of a long, coastal peninsula cut off from the common countryside of Naboo by a tall boundary wall and stringent security.  The only way to access the Hangar from outside is through Fort Myreion Estate.

Millennium Falcon

The future of the Millennium Falcon
Japhta Fett's Millennium Falcon is the same ship subsequently modified and acquired by Lando Calrissian during the time of the Empire.  At some point during the intervening decades the ship undergoes a radical refit. How and why this happens is still a mystery.

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