Star Wars: Dark Republic
Lord Koraetor Mandalore


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Galactic Tycoon


Lord Koraetor Mandalore is one of the richest and most powerful men in the galaxy.  The exectutive director of the Mandalore Holdings Group, or MHG for short, he has grown hundredfold in status and prestige as he milked the opportunities offered by Supreme Chancellor Rhoufheigh's programme of privatisation and deregulation.
MHG now controls much of the galaxy's trade and industry, owning vast swathes of real-estate, including the freeholds to entire planets.  As economic deregulation took hold, and competition gathered pace, many smaller companies and organisations were swallowed up by MHG as Mandalore used his financial might to crush anybody that got in his way.  Many condemned Mandalore's ruthless business practices as a threat to democracy, but they were soon silenced by his highly efficient Legal Department.
The Senate were all influenced by Mandalore, and the pro-MHG Commonwealth of Free Worlds, led by Levette Rhoufheigh, ruled with a majority unsurpassed in the history of the Republic. 
The rapid expansion of MHG has left it with only one major rival: the Neimoidian-controlled Trade Federation.  Neimoidia had been a thorn in Mandalore's side for years and they were his only hurdle in his path to supremacy.  Relations between the two conglomerates were bitter, and the courts were choked with lawsuits and counter-lawsuits as accusations of curruption and malpractice echoed across the galaxy.
Sinister Motives
Only a handful of people know the true identity of Lord Koraetor Mandalore.   Born on the star system that bears his name, Mandalore was snatched from his parents by an unknown Sith Lord and trained as his apprentice, taking the name of Darth Rakshas.  Rakshas was more than able, and by the age of twenty-five, he had killed his Master in his pursuit of power. 
Darth Rakshas is hungry for power.  His strength with the Force is unrivalled, even by the Jedi, and he has found it easy to control the minds of those around him.  Using the Force to manipulate the Market, Rakshas created MHG and took the name of Lord Mandalore after his homeworld.  Nobody knows the full extent of his powers. 
Darth Rakshas's obsession with power has not gone unabated.  Determined to crush the Trade Federation, he has used a Force-generated phantom virus to create a flu epidemic across Coruscant.  This has led the government to fund MHG Pharmaceuticals to develop a cure as a matter of urgency.
The Republic has no idea that Mandalore is using this funding to create a biological weapon to wipe out those who dare to speak out against MHG, and that the flu is nothing more than a distraction of his own creation..