Star Wars: Dark Republic
F-Wing Starfighter


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A new concept of fighter design

F-Wing starfighter
Ancestor of the B-Wing: The F-Wing

The Slayn and Korpil F-Wing starfighter was designed to offer maximum manoeuvrability in combat situations whilst giving the pilot a visibility unrivalled by other, more conventional starfighters such as the Z95 Headhunter.  The F-Wing has no fuselage, but consists of a cockpit set two thirds of the way along a single wing.  At the near end of the wing is a deflector shield generator whilst at the far end is the weaponry.   The two laser cannons are mounted upon secondary 'wings' that can be opened out to give maximum accuracy.  This gives the fighter the appearance of a crucifix when in flight.
The radical new feature of the F-wing is its swivelling cockpit. This allows the flight-trooper pilot to position the craft in the best position for attack without the sudden stresses of rapid manoeuvre and consequent discomfort.  The flight-trooper flies the F-wing from a standing position at the very nose of the craft, strapped into position in the manner of a hang-glider.

On to the B-Wing
A century later, Slayn and Korpil reintroduced the F-Wing design, modifying it as the B-Wing.  The B-Wing is larger and somewhat less elegant than the F-Wing, having been built in slightly more austere times for the Alliance.  the B-Wing retains many features from the F-Wing including the swivelling cockpit and weapon layout.

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