Star Wars: Dark Republic
Republic Cruiser


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Diplomatic Ship

The Incom StarBug forms the backbone of the Republic diplomatic fleet, conveying Jedi, Cabinet Ministers and civil servants across the galaxy on official business.  The StarBug's fuselage consists of three spherical modules, known respectively as the "head", "thorax" and "abdomen", fused together one behind the other.  Six landing legs protrude from this assembly, giving the StarBug the appearance of a large, red ant, hence the name.
Since the privatisation of the Republic's diplomatic fleet, ship have had to be hired by government officials from the private corporations that own them. Underfunding by the Chancellor Rhoufheigh's government have meant that the Jedi have been unable to afford their own adequate transport and have had to rely on hired ships, sometimes at extortionate cost. Certain high-profile vessels such as the Chancellorial Shuttle still remain in government ownership.
The Incom StarBug is flown by a crew of at least four: Captain, First Officer, Pilot and Co-Pilot/navigator.  Crews may also include a separate co-pliot and navigator plus a second officer.  Republic cruisers are well armed, and gunners may be carried in addition to the flight crew.


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