Star Wars: Dark Republic
RML 380Z securitech droid


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Japhta Fett's co-pilot

A typical 380Z unit.

Designed and manufactured by Republic Mechanicals Limited (RML) the 380Z is an armoured technician and security droid used within starships and large organisations such as municipal offices and government buildings.  Distinctive in its heavy, black casing, (the earliest models were red) the 380Z uses repulsors for locomotion.  The robot's arms contain a wide array of different tool sockets, and can be fitted with many specialist attachments specific for it assigned role, be it maintenance or security.  Many 380Zs are lightly armed, although some nasty weapons such as rotary vibroblades and heavy blaster cannons can be obtained from unlicensed sources, turning these utilitarian machines into highly efficient battle droids .  380Zs fitted with these weapons have occasionally been employed as assassins, a practice highly illegal within the Republic.
Japhta Fett uses a battle-droid rated 380Z as her co-pilot aboard the Millennium Falcon.  This droid, known as Thriatizedd, is permanently based on board the ship, and is fitted with a restraining bolt. 
RML has recently developed a successor to the 380Z.  The 480Z, or LinkDroid can be networked with other similar droids and controlled from a master computer.  The Trade Federation and other corporate bodies have shown a keen interest and general production of the LinkDroid may begin soon.