Star Wars: Dark Republic
Senator Thraurrallgisc


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Senator for Sorensia

An old, grizzled, black-furred Wookiee with a reputation for outspoken views and a bad temper, Thraurrallgisc has represented the Sorensia system for over five hundred years.  Bullied and ignored during his youth, Thraurrallgisc does not suffer fools gladly and had once reduced a past Supreme Chancellor to tears during a heated debate.  He is regarded as a fair match for the incumbent ruler of the Republic, Supreme Chancellor Rhoufheigh.  Despite his age and controversial attitude, Thraurrallgisc's appearance is somewhat softened by his fluffy, wide-eyed, babyish face.  He could even be described as cute.
From a trade union background, Thraurrallgisc is one of the few surviving Senators belonging to the socialist Pandemo Party.  Indeed, he is regarded as an embarrassment to the party Whip, as his views are uncomfortably left of the official Pandemo line.  Sorensia has always been a hotbed for radical socialism, and its nickname of the "Red Planet" did not come by accident. 
Thraurrallgisc owns a Sienar GS courier ship named Red Planet in honour of his homeworld, and he employs two Sorensians, human and Wookiee as its crew.  He also employs the Wookiee Ralrracheen as his translator and manservant.
Thraurrallgisc follows a strong code of honour common amongst Wookiees both from Kashyyyk and Sorensia.  A loner by nature, he interacts only with Ralrracheen, his crew, and a handful of Jedi.  The Wookiee delegation from Kashyyyk are wary of Thraurrallgisc and avoid him. 
Thraurrallgisc has a liking for hot, spicy food, and is virtually addicted to Chalactan Bin'Dhar-Laow, one of the hottest curries in the galaxy.  A hard drinker and smoker, his bottle of Merenzane Gold is never far away and there is nearly always a strong, hand-rolled cigarette dangling from his mouth.