Star Wars: Dark Republic
Minister Whyteleafe


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Corrupt Politician

Cip Whyteleafe

The Senator for Chandrila, the bearded and effeminate Cip Whyteleafe is the Minister for Health and Social Security in Chancellor Rhoufheigh's government Cabinet.  A staunch member of Rhoufheigh's Commonwealth of Free Worlds (CFW), he is a firm believer of free enterprise and minimal government interference in big business.  Whyteleafe has little time for the rising number of unemployed on Coruscant, considering them to be a drain on resources.  During a controversial media conference, Whyteleafe reportedly told the underpriveleged to "get on aboard starships and look for work".
Whyteleafe is closely associated with the Mandalore Holdings Group.  He has recently funnelled billions of credits into the research of a cure by MHG Pharmaceuticals for a supposed flu pandemic that is sweeping Coruscant.  Little do the rest of the Senat know, but Whyteleafe is using Mandalore's secret, sinister scheme for his own profit.