Star Wars: Dark Republic


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Wookiee Translator

Born on Kashyyyk, Ralrracheen acts as translator and general manservant for Senator Thraurrallgisc.  Tall, and powerfully-built, Ralrracheen, or Ralrra as he prefers to be known, is gentle and easy-going, a personality that is essential when dealing with the often bad-tempered Thraurrallgisc.  Ralrra has a very rare speech defect that allows him to actually speak Galactic Basic, something which Wookiees generally find impossible, and this ability has put him in high demand from both Sorensian and Kashyyyk representatives.  Technically, Ralrracheen is freelance, but Thraurrallgisc has treated him well and he prefers to deal with "The Guvnor" than the more pompous and petty CFW Kashyyyk Senator.

Ralrracheen's later life
Ralrracheen made his first appearance in Timothy Zahn's novel, Heir to the Empire. Various sources explain that Ralrra had been a "representative of the Old Republic" before the rise of the Empire and the enslavement of the Wookiees.  Ralrrcheen was arrested and sent to an Imperial labour camp before being freed by Alliance forces after the Battle of Endor.  Ralrracheen is now part of the New Republic elite.